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Name:King Hippo
Birthdate:Jul 14
Character Name: King Hippo
Source: Punch-Out!
World: Punch-Out!! (with two exclamation marks). Here, King Hippo isn't *quite* so mighty as one would assume, despite his regal title. He is, however, the tropical chief of Hippo Island, where he originates, and enjoys a very luxurious life there where food is greatly celebrated, as are bad jokes. Punch-Out!! is one of the more neutral territories, owing allegiance to no one in particular, but serving as an instrumental location for two characters who want to settle things the old-fashioned way: with their fists! Might makes right in this place, and the heavyweight title is constantly changing hands. But whoever holds the belt is declared the rightful ruler of this long as they can keep it.

Allegiance: King Hippo serves as a thug to Mother Brain, and is frequently assigned to missions that require a lot of muscle. He's usually paired with Eggplant Wizard, who acts more as the 'brains', though they're still somewhat incompetent even when they're not arguing and bickering. Because he's so well-known as one of Mother Brain's most frequent operatives, he often relies upon 'ingenious' disguises to get him into places he otherwise wouldn't be allowed. (Like the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.)

Powers and Skills: King Hippo was ranked #2 in the Major Circuit, and with good reason. If you don't know his weakness, you don't have a prayer to take him down. His punches hit like a sledgehammer, and he doesn't hold back on anyone! He's also surprisingly fast despite his massive girth, fast enough to block punches and counter with a brutal blow of his own. Not only that, but hits directed anywhere else on his body are easily soaked, dealing no damage whatsoever.

If only people wouldn't hit him in the stomach, @#$&@#$*#@$@!!!!

And, therein, lies his weakness. It's not easy to hit, given how he tends to keep his boxing gloves in guard position. But once you start hitting, there's little he can do to stop you. At least he's relentless, getting back up at least once to deliver more pain and suffering.

History and Personality: If Eggplant Wizard is the brains, then King Hippo is obviously the brawn. The looks too, according to him and precious few others. As famous as he is, surely there must be some hidden sadness to his character, some deep inner torment or burning desire that drives him onward to fight for great darkness...right?

Sadly, no.

King Hippo is as simple-minded as they come. He's not a complete slobbering moron, but there's really not much in the attic. Maybe a few toys. His motivation is generally centered on three things: His love of pounding people weaker than him, his love for food, and his obedience to Mother Brain which is more fear-inspired than anything, 'cause dag, yo...those zapping tentacles HURT!

King Hippo is possessed of one of the most common traits that villains can have: self-confidence. How this is possible, given his grossly enormous girth and hideous countenance, no one knows. Perhaps it's just the royal upbringing he enjoyed from day one of his birth, as first the Prince of Hippo Island, then the King. He had everything he ever desired, was showered with praise and compliments, and the food...oh great goombas in the sky, the FOOD! Rich tropical desserts, fat roasted suckling pigs basted in pineapple juice, sweet creamy coconut milk... And the best part? He could eat as much as he wanted, whenever he wanted. He didn't even have to get up to fetch it, as all his meals were brought to him. As such, he's a surprising snob (all things considered), and there's no chance in hell that a guy like this would ever get his feelings hurt. Not even when his amorous inspirations are rejected. Again...and again...and again...

Stubborn sort of fellow, isn't he? Darn straight. Hippo's also the sort who never gives up...especially since the consequences of failure are quite, quite painful. And only too frequent, unfortunately. For all of his strength and diligence, King Hippo's just another one of your fun-loving inept villainous sidekicks who usually bungles up sooner or later. Just part of the job.

King Hippo's biggest strength is rather obvious: his unyielding, merciless brute force. Just a few direct blows from those massive boxing gloves is enough to send any flyweight sprawling. He's also pretty good about knowing his weakness, and doing his best to guard it from the cheap shots who think they know everything about boxing those lame idiots who does Little Mac think he is...mrmblegrmble... This is probably the main reason why Mother Brain selected him (of all people) for one of her two most called-upon lackeys. It certainly wasn't because of his intelligence (ha ha ha). On top of that, he's fiercely devoted to completing his tasks at risk of personal harm and humiliation. Not like it's anything new...

As mentioned above, his greatest weakness is obviously his massive stupidity. He's rather easily outsmarted and a real sucker for hero-traps, particularly if food is used as the bait. He LOVES food, and would shamelessly admit to having a weakness for it. I mean really, is there anything better than a triple fudge artery-clogger chocolate cake? With whipped cream? Yes. Two of them.

He also has a tendency to botch assignments somewhere along the line, usually at the end just when it looks darkest for the heroes.

As described earlier, King Hippo was a pampered and spoiled little porker from the get-go. Always getting what he wanted turned him rotten and sour to his big chubby core. He delights in beating up people who are weaker and smaller than him, laughing uproariously time and time again. And if someone refuses to give him what he wants? He'll take it by brute force. Concerning the whole good/bad morality debates? He just plain doesn't care. There's no good or bad in his mind. There's the strong (him), and the weak (everyone else except Mother Brain). So in the end, his allegiance with Mother Brain shouldn't come as a big surprise.
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